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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dear, respectfully, Mr. President Donald J. Trump Jr.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Dear, respectfully, Mr. President Donald J. Trump Jr.

I am writing to you with joy but at the same time hopeful that this short letter will reach you.

In 2003, I was part of a team that mobilized people in what was a rural county (now Bukomansimbi District) in Uganda with a population of about 70,000 to witness the first PEPFAR grant disbursement. At long last, about 800 people would be assured of ARVs. I still hear from those people. Many are still alive up to today thanks to PEPFAR.

Mr. President, please continue with the support that America is contributing to the Global Fund mechanism. PEPFAR is flexible and the ease with which it can address the HIV-related needs has empowered communities to be resilient in the face of AIDS. I want to restrict myself to Africa.

Mr. President if the $ 4.3 billion the U.S. will contribute is instead withdrawn, there is a cascade of broken systems that will follow. PEPFAR filled up the extended family support void which was affected when able-bodied kin and kith died of AIDS in Africa. PEPFAR facilitated the presence of a conduit of prevention knowledge and skills. Communities developed the critical HIV care and advocacy competencies which are the major barricade through which TB and MDR TB will find a hard time breaching. Not to mention, additional HIV infection and AIDS-related deaths.

Mr. President I am, with the utmost humility, asking you please to provide the funds that the U.S. government committed to PEPFAR. 

I look forward to hearing positively from you. I do follow you as one of your Tweeter fans. Actually I got to know  you the year you hosted President Gaddafi of Libya in New York.

I am wishing you all the best, you are our president.


Tom R. Muyunga-Mukasa

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

67 Important Fuller Quality Life Milestones/Keys You Can Have In Your Life Besides Thinking Of Suicide

This tool seeks to provide focus on Holistic Life; HIV; and Heterosexuality. I have had so many occasions to reflect on these three aspects. I have provided online counselling and guidance services since 2006 on Holistic Life; HIV; and Heterosexuality. In 2012. I had my first client who was contemplating suicide and this awakened in me a deeper desire to meet and talk to different people who were suffering with questions they could not reveal unless pressed harder. Since then, I have talked with 30 people from Africa who were also contemplating or attempted suicide.  19 of these were going through a troubling phase of self-rejection. They had discovered they were non-heterosexual or to what is said to be non-conforming. In all my work with different people from mentoring youths to moderating self help groups, I realized the idea of building ethos, pathos, logos and shared values is important as one makes self evaluation a life skill. I also noted that the tools or platforms which give direction into contemplative reflection for many of the people I talked to or opportunities to encourage them to read about keys to formation and development are in an inaccessible format. In helping them adhere to coping and adjusting, I noted there were other adjustment barriers. I tried my level best to help but was limited by time constraints and other logistics. All cases were facing a sexuality crisis. I did refer all of them for further management. I did send money to some for transport as well as refreshments. The 19 admitted to being asked to undergo religious healing or some form of conversion therapy because of their sexuality issues. I developed this tool to fill a knowledge gap and I called it the Milestone analysis. I have used it for many of my online counselling themes and found it was adaptable to many situations. The materials I used are from a number of sources including the frequently asked questions from my clients. This tool provides sequenced cues to be used to contemplate about and appreciate life. Contemplating life enables one be able to apply Band-Aid when it is needed in a timely manner. The materials are also an adaptation of  what other Growth, Development and Motivation psychologists have used to help empower their clients employ Band-Aid.  Life is an incredibly beautiful and special experience. My premise is that life has many other domains  and some examples are: orientation; attitudes; belief systems; gender; identity; Social and Emotional Development; Curiosities and approaches to Learning; Language, Literacy and Numeracy; Cognition, General Knowledge and Spatial abilities; The Arts; culturally determined norms; Physical Development and Health. There are those who are born, are able to grow and conform to the two aspects that are based on physical and biological statuses e.g.  having all limbs, eyes, lips and intact organs; having what are considered normal body parts; ability to go through growth milestones; having an ability to follow instructions; and to perform tasks according to age. There are those who are born, are able to grow as non-conforming to one or both statuses. There are those who are born, are able to grow and engage in heterosexual relations. There are those who are born, are able to grow and engage in non-heterosexual relations. There is no doubt our bodies are defined by biology and continue to be refined by cultural ideology under the presumption that one’s socialization will influence one’s sexuality which in turn will be actualized as heterosexual. But sometimes, it is not the case. Non heterosexual eroticism is abhorred in the strongest terms possible including many countries enacting Penal codes punishing relations other than heterosexual ones. Structures for guidance, which include socialization, are cast around promoting heterosexuality buttressed by a legislation that is said to be conforming to natural laws and organized religion. Anything out of these boundaries have simply been made anathema and an abomination. Heterosexuality has become a concept against which people measure experiences in their lives. The 19 cases contemplated suicide once they found out they were non-conforming to a heterosexual normativity. This tool brings you 67 gentle reminders that there are plenty of amazing things out there for you to experience other than, or in addition to, suicide.

1. Critical Thinking:  Stop and think about what is going on in your life. The action you are about to take should be measured along three planes: Is it going to affect how you subsist? Is it going to harm your relations? Is it going to affect you in that your turnaround may be a long way away? Be principled, if you commit and show up.

2. Keeping a Journal: Keep track of your activities. Take time to read back to yourself. Learn to laugh at yourself, to smile at the happy things and to brood over the mistakes you made. This means you are taking your life back and owning it. Richard Bronson is one of the people I admire. I remember reading a story in which he shared his pre-investment practice i.e., making a to-do-list and keeping journals.

3. Find time to think about your friends: There are friends who cannot come to your aid. These are  the ones who remind you of your vulnerabilities. There are friends who will come when you are need. Not only are they friends indeed, but they remind you that we need each other. Both types of friends should remind you of one common thing. You still own your space, so at the end of the day you are responsible to making your life more fulfilled. 

4. Learn and polish a skill: Actually learn four skills so well and these are: the ability to talk yourself out of trouble; the ability to work to earn money; and the ability to do something other than that which makes you earning money but is equally fulfilling; and lastly, find time to transfer your knowledge to another or others. It will enable you create so many others like you. And the law of love is based on this.

5. Share three things:  food, shelter and money to other people or causes that are in dire need.

6. Become your own hermit: Dedicate time every day to go through a deprivation wilderness. If it is that extra phone, avoid it. If it is that extra spoon of sugar, avoid it. Journey into yourself and clear a space where you can meet the natural sensations. Appreciate that moment. You are in the hands of of God then.

7. The next best thing if you are not in good terms with your parents: If you are in good terms with your parents ask them to stay in bed and you make breakfast. If possible run their bath up to a point. If you are not in good terms with them, go out and whisper to a rock or tree words of love.  Love something. 

8. Walk to animal shelter: Okay! First and foremost learn to care for animals.  Not just the domesticated ones but even the wild ones. Look after the environment and the animal habitat will be intact. 

9. Surprise a friend: Most especially your ex! Send a card that begins “On this day, we……..” But, first ask the ex two days earlier as well as your present partner about it.  In other words learn to be considerate in any decision you make when you are in a relation. Relations do not only thrive because of love but because of fidelity too.

10. Show up even if you feel you are not so competent:  You have been asked to be part of a team and you committed to attend. Don’t disappoint them at the last minute. If you do make amends. Otherwise, you may miss being in company of angels.

11. Define and refine your comfort zones: Three things mark this and the first being taking chastisement hands down; learning from your mistakes; and go more paces to meet people you barely know anyone.

12. Pay back your debts: Make it a practice to pay your debts. It is gratifying and makes you more charitable.  

13.  Character building: Remember, the choices you make, be it  your looks,  to the things you do and the people you surround yourself with matter when you are building or maintaining your character.

14. Watch your weight: Then you will have healthy heart and powerful limbs. This will put you on a path to a healthier quality life.

15. Make it a habit to have regular medical check ups:  it is a major problem in your life without which you are just reckless. Like driving beyond the speed limit. 

16. Your physical appearance may need some change: You will be more yourself when you align your inner self with the out one. It could be a major haircut, a piercing, a tattoo, a hair color change, a wardrobe, a watch, sunglasses or shoes.

17. Rudeness comes in many forms: Self-harm is a form of self-inflicted rudeness. Rudeness on the whole, reveals yo are scared to make painful changes in your life. Then there is rudeness from others. Do not react with rudeness otherwise both of you may be thought of as fools.

18. Have self help plans: These are work plans capturing all forms of work or activity; Yearly plans; Maintenance plans; going back to school plans; car maintenance job plan; and a health plan.

19. Learn to work for fun: Explore ways to work not because the sole goal is earning money but add another reason. Explore ways to make your company engage in a social corporate activity and ask if you can manage it. Allow a certain change in routine.

20. Jog every evening:  In other words establish a body workout routine. It may not necessarily be jogging. it can be walking or engaging in community clean up activities. 

21. Go for holidays: Holidays rejuvenate and make one renewed. You do not have to go to expensive venues for it to be a holiday. 

22. Save money out of practice: Saving money comes in handy when one hits a snag or has to pay for an emergency.  

23. Have some five chores you do by yourself: It may be cleaning your house; car-detailing; beautifying your compound; meeting and doing volunteer work at your place of worship; and joining a choir.

24. The corner grocery:  Take time to make friends with the retailer who runs that corner grocery that you pass by before getting to your home. You may get intelligence that your Landlady brought the long awaited new front door.

25. Support groups: You need friends who are not drink-buddies but just animators as far as your psychosocial life is concerned. You don't want to be bored when you go to relax by the lakeside.

26. Exchange gifts: Get into the habit of buying  and sharing gifts with friends or work mates.  

27. Developing a Value and Belief System: This will help you understand the issues going on around in your life. This also affirms many of your beliefs as well as acting as a litmus enabling you to know where you are standing. 

28. Get into the habit of reading: Reading opens up one’s mind, view and interpretation of life. It also enables one gain competence in dealing or communicating with people from other cultures especially if the books have social-cultural themes. 

29. Watch something on TV or Cinema: Go out to the parks, zoos and wild animals. Watch movies and documentaries increases on one’s scope and definition of things and life.  

30. Social Support Groups:  Join or form a social support group. Take time and make it formal. These days we have social media platforms such as: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp groups and online Listserv. Make an effort to have a presence somewhere in society. 

31.  A Treat: Many Psychologists advise that we need to treat ourselves to something memorable. Giving yourself time is a form of maturity, spend your hard-earned money on once in a while, on things like super soft bedsheets, or a massage, or a really delicious bottle of wine or invite people over for dinner to a meal you cooked by yourself.

32. Look at your receipts after shopping: This will enable you find out what you are missing. You could have made that long shopping list and thought you had purchased everything. Nothing wrong with double checking. It adds to the fun of shopping. 

33. Telling someone you love them: You must have opportunities to tell someone you love them without knowing for sure whether they love you back.

34. Celebrate Your Milestones: Think back a minute back. Okay 3 years back. There are people you make happy, there are people you showed care, it could be you provided opportunities for others time and was responsive to their needs. Celebrate the milestones one milestone at a time.  

35. Time you spend online: News updates, memes and all other aspects of life one experiences via our phones or tablets is immense. No wonder you try to catch up but still this new app or updates from a famous social media platform keep coming. No wonder, you miss your next stop. Anyway, find ways to limit your attachment to a phone.  It will release time for other things that need to be done. 

36. Find out which games you are good at:  Wait! It can either be participating as a player, spectator or sponsor. Be part of games around you. It will polish your sociable attributes and offer an opportunity to gauge how to take losses and how you share victorious moments. 

37. Pilgrimages and Tours: Travel to place, a city, a spiritual retreat or make a pilgrimage. Explore places, you will find vast troves of interesting things and places that will become part of your conversations. You are bound to be a very sought after person by those who want to listen to your conversations.

38. Admit when you are wrong: Learn to admit your mistakes, learn to say sorry, learn to say thank you.  These three are the very oil of admiration people will have about you. 

39. Smile you are always on camera: Take every opportunity to engage yourself happily, that way you will not be a bag of stress and depression. A smile attracts the right people to you.  

40. Keep Being Yourself: Evgeniy Sen in a paper he published in 2015, titled “It's never too late to become independent” shows it is important for one to always keep being oneself  while working hard on  ideas, despite the stuff on may be busy with now including any troubles one could be facing or number of years in one’s passport. 

42.  Explore opportunities to have your assets: This may be a watch, a phone, silverware or even signing a lease for an house or apartment that’s completely yours – no parents, no siblings, no roommates, no boyfriend or girlfriend, just you. It doesn’t matter  how small what is yours will be. The issue is you have the ability to own property.

43. Fav Radio Stations: Make a list of radio stations. This will enable you be abreast of current affairs and other facts of life. 

44. Your Conscience is part of what you do: Your claim that your friends are not loyal to you. But, remember out of sight is not out of mind. Friendship should not be measured only by physical presence but remember they may be thinking about you too. How many times do you think about your friends?

45. Experience the leaves that make up the tree of life: Imagine a bowl of richly flavored soup where onions are mixed with tomatoes, carrots and other ingredients. That is how life should be viewed. One item at a time. Work is an experience which is part of life. So is education, sports, personal grooming and other life preserving practices. 

44. Maturity: You want to be considered a mature person or at least put your self along the path to maturity. Begin by being organized, then follow up on all other commitments you have got your self into.  

45. Adolescents and young people programmatic areas: Read about your age group, get to know the needs and resources that address those needs. The International AIDS Alliance urges young people to lead and participate in the global HIV response, ensuring it is shaped by the realities of their lives.

46. Community Leadership: A Be part of your community activities. It may turn to be your opportunity to vie for a political position and get to influence issues.

47. Drug use: According to Katherine M. Keyes an associate professor of epidemiology at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, stress and depression are drivers of drug-use among many people including younger people. Particular attention is given to psychiatric disorders, adult health, long-term outcomes of adverse environments, and effects oF substance use, mental health, and chronic disease. 

48. HIV in the Sustainable Development Goals: You should acquaint yourself with the Sustainable Development Goals. Be part of groups, communities and networks calling for a strong HIV target in the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

49. Human rights: Your full membership, meaningful participation and meaningful inclusion in all matters of society at home, at work and in every community is important and influences your own growth and development. Simply put, you are actualizing your human rights.

50. Preventing HIV: Statistics show that in one day more than 5,600 people contract HIV. Preventing new infections is key to end AIDS. Are you part of efforts to prevent new infections? What do you do to avoid getting or re-infecting others with HIV?

51. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Poor sexual reproductive health and HIV infection share many root causes in poverty, gender inequality, stigma and cultural norms. You should endeavour to be part of efforts to increase optimal access to sexual reproductive health and HIV care services.

52. TB: TB is the most common cause of death for people living with HIV, yet with the right intervention is a curable disease.

53. HIV Treatment: Scientific developments and the scale up of effective programs have meant that AIDS-related deaths and new HIV infection rates can be brought down. but, this requires your participation and disclosure. 

54. Love: The things and people you love say so much about how committed you are to making life bearable, how you love and value life, things and people. 

55. Treatment: Scientific developments and the scale up of effective programs have meant that AIDS-related deaths and new HIV infection rates are falling.

56. Manage Your Depression Causes: Studies by Alex S. Keuroghlian, MD, MPH, show there is a higher prevalence of depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and suicide attempts among LGBT people compared with the general population. In addition, LGBT people often have unique combined physical and behavioral health needs, including those of transgender people undergoing gender affirmation and special considerations for people living with HIV AIDS.

57. Explore Underlying Domestic Violence: According to Cara Presley, LICSW, LGBT people experience domestic violence at least as commonly as heterosexual women, contradicting common misperceptions that men cannot be victims of abuse, and women cannot perpetrate abuse.

58. The Word Steady: Your job should be steady; your home must be a place where you have steady sustenance. It must a space where you are sure of food, warmth and a roof over your head. Have and commit to steady things.

59. The 6 C’s : The founders of Black Links advise that adopting standards in one’s life is a good practice and leads to winning. Such practices one can maintain at a basic level  included:  keeping time; cleanliness; hygiene; a reading culture and a steady job. They go further to write that these practices can leverage being in control; encourage commitment; provide basis for establishment of a culture of falling into patterns; enable one to continuously improve on themselves; they make it is to adopt habits that instill cooperation; and promote consumer-care focus practices.

60. The Word Steady: Your job should be steady; your home must be a place where you have steady sustenance. It must a space where you are sure of food, warmth and a roof over your head. Have and commit to steady things.

61. Creativity: Evgeniy Sen, in his 2015 paper titled: “It’s never too late to become independent”, points out 31 ways to be creative because he insists we still remain creative until we die and that age should not stop one from learning a new skills.

62. Success should bring you closer to people: Success breeds independence but independence should not make one isolate themselves or be selfish. Always remember while you were achieving success it could not have been your singular work or effort. So, stay close to people irrespective of your success levels. 

63. Understanding Infancy: I looked through Alan Tait, a practitioner in Milestone Approach and the Virginia’s Alignment Project and learnt some tricks. You may be wondering why I have provided Infancy as part of a cue. You are aware on one remembers things clearly before their first birthday. Now, you do contribute to your community’s efforts to look after children. It takes a village, therefore contribute to the well-being of babies.

64. Understanding Childhood: Contribute to efforts that help children from 12 months to 111 months later! Yes, 9 years and 3 months!  After being an infant for 12 months we become a child for 9 years and 3 months. As a kid we are learning about ourselves, coming to terms with ourselves, simply growing and learning the basics of what we will need in our future life. At age 10 years and 3 months we pass the First Milestone.

65. Understanding Adolescence: It helps to understand that this is the time when a child is most actively learning. They are gaining knowledge they will need later. Likewise their body is sprouting from a child to an adult. Within a couple months to a few years, boys voices will drop. Girls will begin their period. At age 19 years and 6 months old, we pass The Second Milestone.

66. Young Adults: Alan Tait emphasizes the need for being accountable and he points out the Seven Milestones as guides to help one mark their phases. The milestones are a way of accounting for the number of months or years one has lived. He gives the ages at which one will pass each of the Seven Milestones of Life.
10 Years 3 Months = 1st Milestone of Life
19 Years 6 Months = 2nd Milestone of Life
28 Years 9 Months = 3rd Milestone of Life
38 Years 0 Months = 4th Milestone of Life
47 Years 3 Months = 5th Milestone of Life
56 Years 6 Months = 6th Milestone of Life
65 Years 9 Months = 7th Milestone of Life

67. Suicide and Suicide Risk: Studies by Ann P. Haas PhD et al, into suicide and suicide risk in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations show that there are different factors a counsellor needs to put into perspective if they are to help. A non-heterosexual normativity faces a hard time within the institutions of Heterosexual normativity. Socialization is affected: emotional; social; cultural; and intellectual growth and development are affected. The way people achieve different keys or milestones are affected. A counsellor needs to have all this in mind if they are to help a person contemplating suicide, especially if they are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons. 

AGENDA 2030:

Alan Tait, is a practitioner in Milestone Approach to learning and as a behaviour change tool. He maintains that our lives go through stages. For more:
Alex Keuroghlian, MD, MPH, Associate Director of Education and Training, The Fenway Institute. For more see:

Ann P. Haas PhD et al. Suicide and Suicide Risk in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations: Review and Recommendations.

Black Links. Re-position Your Business To Win By Applying the 6C’s of TQM.

Kim Quindlen, is a motivation speaker who highlights and believes in atomizing thought processes and synthesizing appropriate action out of these thoughts. She calls her approach the Milestone Approach. For further consultation see 

International AIDS Alliance.

Richard Branson.

Sustainable Development Goals Knowledge Platform:

Monday, 10 July 2017

Homosexuality is an Identity Which is Part of a Diversity of People Who Will Be The Praise Team At The End of Times!

That the pushers of homosexuality have tied development money to it.Some call homosexuality unbiblical and a blasphemous way of life.

Others say or write that homosexuality is the result of evil powers or some form of evil force. That rich nations continue to abuse poor nations even to the point of forcing them to legalise evil is another oft quote. That homosexuality corrupts core values of African culture has now gone stale.

A theologian called Rev. Dr Qeko on his blog says "people need to understand that there is a spirit behind any way of life that people practice and in this regard, there is a spirit of homosexualism and gayism which causes many mainly those from broken homes to decide otherwise. Those who say that they only realise that they were gay do that because there is a spirit behind their action and until that spirit is broken down and destroyed, they continue to practice this evil until they go to the grave. So what we need to do is to stand between the gap and intercede and break down this move and wind of evil spirit blowing from the western nations unto AFrica to force African nations legalise evil. African Church and people need to take their position and say no to the propagation of this evil practice, " (

He points out the causes of 'homosexualism' and 'lesbianisms': the Western world is forcing 'homosexualism' and 'lesbianism' on Africa; there is an evil force at play and; thirdly broken homes are the cause. I differ on three points: There are various persons of the cloak who claim to be healing by touching the vagina, anus, penis, using the pulpit to preach vitriolic and perhaps ensuring that dwindling numbers of congregants are kept excited by a very exciting subject.

A pastor or Imam who touches people's privates parts in the name of healing is hasty. What if there is no healing? What about the rights to privacy? The Pastor or Imam are causing more trauma and shaming. If they do not heal, yet they make confidence building claims/shams like the ones Jesus rebuked who preach in the streets. Can they be friends of Jesus? Secondly, the Reverend writes about policy infrastructural/Human Rights genesis of homosexualism and lesbianism, but makes no mention of the biogenesis. Like most people who write about this subject, they think that once there is mention of heterosexuality, the next thing is to quote the over used line. Genesis 9:1 "And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth." Heterosexuality and the idea of condoned sexual intercourse should be made with extra critical analysis and synthesis of arguments.

Our main purpose on Earth is to praise God in His Majesty. The angels and elders around God’s throne adore Jesus with the words “with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9). God enjoys the diversity within the human race. "We are each created in His image for His pleasure and glory" (Revelation 4:11; Colossians 1:16). "He designed us the way we are and delights in His handiwork" (Psalm 139:13–16). Revelation continues to describe the final gathering of God’s people from “every nation, tribe, and tongue” (Revelation 7:9).
Homosexuals are humans what we need to do is devise inclusive systems and have a readiness to be tested to embrace those we have always abused. I am sure we shall sing Alleluia with them before Jesus on the throne.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

African (Uganda) Martyrs, the Burning Bush and Holy Land of Africa

               Way back in time atop the furrowed navel of Africa was a lush Equatorial-Tropical green region with very many lakes filled with all sorts of fish and water creatures. The kingdoms are as many as the lakes in this region. In one of them,a young Son-Son was being prepared to take over from his ill Father-King who around 1862 AD had written to the Queen of England requesting for missionaries to bring a certain light to this part of Africa. Little did the Father-King know that this same light would burn so fiercely through heart, sinew, bone and make his a Holy Land. The Son-King was ready to take the reigns. A wonderfully powerful hand of the Divine was working its way to this land at the same time. Historically multi-racial and ethnic, his Kingdom had institutionalized citizenship and assimilation for any person. After all Buganda, meant, "to bring together different persons into a single cultural union." Buganda Kingdom is the name of this land. Buganda was made through cultural assimilation. It was not new for someone from a neighboring kingdom or chieftain to become a Muganda and get the king's blessing. Mentorship, benefactor-ship and patronage were some of the ways any person could end up living with someone who may or may not be a near kin. This was not unheard of! Buganda Kingdom subjects, all subjects submitted to the King and could be rewarded with positions of leadership if they proved themselves well. The king presided over so many matters including life and death. It was such that even a blade of green elephant grass was inventoried! The Son-King however soon realized his King-Deity character was being diluted. More and more he saw his near Divine-like aura slipping away. No longer were his snap commands heeded without questioning or debate! Unheard of in Buganda! New waves were sweeping through it so fast. It was no longer easy to bring back his father's glory days. The allure of a future excited and drew him in. It intoxicated and at the same time became a tempestuous wind blowing through his kingdom threatening to rip it apart. Or was it? This became the hunger and pain that coursed through this great Son-King. His kingdom had become a multi-denominational, Judaeo-Islamic-Christian and a venue for people from Arabia, India and those who walked at a faster pace (Bazungu) but with a lighter skin compared to Indians and Arabs. As a shepherd, like his father and the one's before him, he had to tend to the sheep he knew. But his was a unique position. Some new breeds bayed differently from what he was accustomed to. Not even the renowned kingdom priests could provide counsel. At this moment a political wilderness was eating up his kingdom. Would the king humble himself and climb a mountain of enlightenment? He contemplated going outside the normal channels but there was no precedence to refer to. His was a unique position. A young, virile king whose muscles rippled through the vestments, a black Nebuchadnezzar! One who would out-swim, outrun and out-wrestle many of his Army Generals. One with an acute discernment, a visionary and at the same time with a penchant for debating. This was the king whose human understanding was blind to the workings of a Divine power. So much must have been going through his mind: “I want to understand this strangeness in my kingdom,” he must have thought.
               That must have prepared his heart as a slab to write on. The Divine power with ways to inscribe knowledge onto our hearts started the inscriptions! That Divine Hand who makes our hearts into the very Promised Land! The same Hand beating all of us into humility was swinging in this region with Might. Head counting was taking place and the Divine wanted people who would say “here I am Lord!”

                 Saying "“here I am Lord!" stripped many in this region of the vestiges of power, stature and position of old. At the same time replaced them with eye-opening vestments that would make many fit for attending the grand banquet where all humans drink of a blood and eat of a meal that give everlasting life. They would learn of the true name of the Divine whom they had previously known as Mukasa. A God known by the salutation “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob," would make it known to them too that He is the God of everything. Most of all He was the God whose awesomeness empowers all to overcome any form of fear.

                There came a spiritual hunger, the king's inner circle became converts to Christianity or Islam. The converts spoke of a baptism that broke the dark chains of miserableness. They were able to read and write. They debated with the king. They risked being called unpatriotic when they talked of a land where everyone shall be guest to a more powerful king. The king could have none of this. "Nonsense!" He must have said. He rounded up all converts and had them killed in the cruelest of forms. But, even when this happened his kingdom saw a multiplication of converts whose numbers still swell up to date. More confessed to being Christians or Moslems. The king shuddered before the might of God. His kingdom faced a turmoil in which he was forced into exile and while there was baptized. He became Daniel Mwanga (II). He now sits, in heavenly paradise, with the very Martyrs whose deaths he once ordered. Thus ends the story called: Uganda Martyrs, the Burning Bush and Holy Land of Africa.

The African Martyrs. Source: Google

Friday, 24 February 2017

"Lesbianism" and its treatment in Uganda; a Pastor's Healing Power

This was the scenario that prompted the writing of this blog: Prophet Kakande healed a lesbian, who on renouncing her ways also confirmed the prophet's revelation in which he named all of her accomplices. Yes, this happened in Uganda. Pastor Kakande will soon have people flocking to his church for healing. Uganda has got a pastor who heals by touching or prayer. The pastor drives out homosexuality like Jesus drove demons out of people. The man of God will have his hands full. But, for a man of his caliber there is a Holy Spirit to run to. Right?

Pastor Kakande Samuel, a renowned Prophet in Uganda, is part of the religious who have used spiritual avenues to create comprehensive development for all people. In the case of his flock he guides them to share in the: opportunity to see a man whose thoughts are in line with God’s Word; sharing the refreshing God’s Word and Spirit to renew the strength of his followers. His outcome goals are hearts and minds filled with God's Word, who are able to talk, think, and act as beneficiaries of the Word. He is a staunch believer in renewal and submission to God’s Word and authority.

The Prophet Samuel Kakande of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Uganda has led his followers since late 1980’s. Those who go to his church say, he is a committed, prayerful and full of wisdom. He is a man with gifts and success to show. What many see about Prophet Kakande are three gifts namely of: prophecy, healing and loyalty. This has been the basis for his popularity in Uganda and internationally.

In a continent where social and support infrastructure run by religious or Faith-Based Organizations make up a sizable percentage it is no wonder that the religious have become important. The ones who are well established, wealthy and can provide opportunities for people to socialize and affirm their support mechanisms are symbols in those communities. 

Pastor Kakande’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Uganda has been in existence for over 3 decades. It is a spiritual, healing and development pilgrimage centre for many. Many miracles have been said to occur at the synagogue among them is the healing of homosexuality. It is no surprise that this place will draw bigger numbers. As we continue to face the issues that assail us in the present world, the work of the religious will no doubt have so much impact on the direction of spirituality and comprehensive development of people.

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Genesis: A love-hate Story

Genesis brings out five aspects for me: God’s power to create; prevailing power of God; God, the garden of Eden, animals and humans; dialogues between humans and God and their outcomes; and the outcomes of different forms of curses and blessings.

The benevolent life and experiences humans and animals go through is the result of the decisions by those who decided to create them. Humans, animals and earth only came into being because God chose it to be so. Form was created from formlessness, void, darkness and surface of the deep. It took God seven days to create: light which was called day; darkness which was called night; heaven; earth; vegetation; seasons;  waters streaming with swarms of living creatures. All plants and animals were then blessed and destined to be fruitful. The earth was able to bring forth living creatures after their kind from cattle to creeping things. Plants and animals were capable of being fruitful, multiplying and filing the earth. There was beauty to behold and even God was saw all this was good (pages 9-10). Humans held a special place in this creation plan. They were made in the image of God with power to rule over fish of the sea, bird of the air. When all creation was done, God chose to sanctify that last day and to rest. But what shows that humans were special?

Humans were provided for in a special way and were given instructions on how to live peacefully in the garden of Eden (pages 10-11). They were shown which foods to eat and the forbidden things to do like not getting anywhere near the tree of life in the middle of the garden.  Eden itself had a river which divided into four other rivers. Eden had minerals such as: gold, bdellium and Onyx. Man was given charge of this garden. He was given a helper suitable for him home he named a woman. This kind of union would turn out to make man and woman to leave their parents to be joined as couples. In Genesis, the garden of Eden is central to it.
It is in the garden of Eden that we see many dialogues between humans, animals and God. This is where Humans were prepared in executing roles of authority over bird, fish and beasts. This is where the fall occurred (pages 12-13). The serpent tempted Eve who in turn tempted Adam to eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree. This is where humans realized they were naked and did something about this nakedness. This is where God holds court with the serpent and the humans. It is where the serpent is cursed and confines it to being bruised on its head by the seeds of humans. This is where the woman is rebuked and cursed to bear her children amidst pain. This is where she is told that man will be her master. This is where man is told to always work harder for his food and that he would no longer live forever. It is at this point that they were sent out of the garden.

What followed after man and woman were sent out of the garden shows the different experiences they continued to face. By now they had assumed names with the man being called Adam and woman called Eve. They gave birth to Cain and Abel (pages 13-15). These two sons were in different forms of production. Cain was a land tiller and Abel a keeper of animals. During  offerings it is said Abel always brought the firstlings and fat portions. His brother however did not offer the best of his harvest and God was displeased.  This displeasure made Cain angry to such an extent that he killed Abel. And for this , Cain was cursed. He became a vagrant and wanderer. This experience led Cain to plead with God who gave Cain a protective sign so that no one killed him in revenge. He had to go and settle far away from familiar places. He gave birth to offsprings e.g.Enoch. 

Meanwhile, humans continued to multiply in large numbers and sons of God saw daughters of men as beautiful ones to be taken as their own wives. This lifestyle did not find favor in the eyes of God. He cut down on the length of life of humans. God reached the extent of regretting why He created humans. He therefore took aside one righteous person called Noah whom He asked to make a very large ark (pages 17-18). He told Noah of his plan to destroy all creation. He instructed Noah to put animals and his own family which will be saved in the ark. Time came torrential rains fell, fountains opened up and the earth was flooded. No one outside the ark survived. After sometime, Noah devised tests to check whether the floods had abated. When he found out that land was dry he let free all the animals. God made a covenant with him where He promised to never again curse the ground on account of man (pages 19-21). With time the animals were able to repopulate the earth. Noah’s family was able to multiply too. But, things happened which forever changed the course of events. 

Noah planted a vineyard and made wines of which one day took so much of. It was to such an extent that he undressed. Ham, one of his sons saw his father’s nakedness and told his brothers Shem and Japheth who restored their father’s dignity by dressing him up. Ham was cursed for seeing his father’s nakedness but Shem and Japheth were blessed. Ham’s children became slaves to those of Shem and Japheth.  The other event that changed the course of events was when the Lord created different languages. This happened when humans were attempting to build a tower to reach the skies. The place where this scattering occurred was named Babel (pages 22-23).

So, in the story of Genesis these five aspects: God’s power to create; prevailing power of God; God, the garden of Eden, animals and humans; dialogues between humans and God and their outcomes; and the different forms of curses and blessings are highlighted. It also reads like a story trying to explain why there is love side by side with hate. God lovingly created the world. But, in a fit of displeasure God curses or destroys it. In a way Genesis reads like an explanation different races and the predicaments those different races face. In Genesis one reads of explanations which justify what I see now as mere injustices and it allocates blame onto certain people. There are two kinds of people: those who are shown to carry curses into perpetuity and those who are blessed offsprings. The ideas of being a master over slaves  and servitude are celebrated and encouraged.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Public Service, Spirituality, Leadership, Social Justice and How I can Use Them for My Personal and Professional Goals

                   Public service is both a system and a deliverable. Through this community members seek to present what they can to promote good and quality life in their communities. Public service is also a mechanism through which those with needs can meet service providers to have these needs addressed. Public service is an employment base in the hospitality sector. Being an employment base, it has to fulfill given standards such as: non-discrimination, equity, equality and equal opportunities for all. For one who is deeply spiritual this is an opportunity  to conduct oneself responsibly and accountably.
               Spirituality is an individual belief in a higher divinity and it compels many people to be accountable for their behavior; it compels people to be of service; it gives one transcendental direction and focus; and it is what enables one to be orderly, organized in personal planning and dealing with others. This ability to be organized provides outcomes such as fairness and other leadership qualities.
             Leadership is two things. First of all it springs from the qualities of a person as well as the description of duty that leader takes on. Being a leader and leadership are two different things that complement each other. The requirements of a leader are also qualities expected of such a person and these include: fairness, dependability, commitment, energetic, showing up, willingness to learn, willingness to be trained, discernment, patience, responsibility, able to guide others, experienced and friendly. These qualities are used to leverage one to conduct her/himself in different positions of duty bearing. It is these qualities that make public service an indispensable activity for communities.
            Public service may be tangible or not. It may be invisible or a visible service. But, it has to be accessible. However, not all who need it can access public service. This could be because of: social-economic, cultural, religious and physical status of the people. Or it could be because of the nature of the service itself being prohibitive and exclusionary.  In order to proactively factor in fair access, there needs to be objectives in place to reach out to those who are disenfranchised. This proactive planning that fairly distributes services to accommodate the needs of those who are discriminated is the objective of social justice. 

               Public service connects spirituality, leadership and social Justice ideals. Through it one is able to operationalize these ideals. This internship will enable me apply my understanding of  the relation between public Service, spirituality, leadership and social Justice. It will be an opportunity to further my personal and professional goals as well as my commitment to public service.