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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What makes America a great nation?

This was the conversation we had before the end of day yesterday. We are a group of five people who are new to USA and reminisce about where that 'made-it-grail' is found. Who doesn't? I hear a lot of 'sky is the limit,'  ' you are in the land of milk and honey,'........ Now,I want to be honest. I am standing on a brown, sort of dark grey soil and do see many stones. This must be sedimentary rocks. I know honey is made by bees and milk by cows. It takes effort to rear cows and much resilience to establish an apiary. No government provides a plateful of food, spoon-feeds one and clears the tables. I waited for US Government to come to my place to get me benefits while I lie in bed like a royal ( by the way even royals-the ones of my tribe most especially earn bread from their sweat). Sweat? "Did I hear you well?" This was a statement I heard once a year ago. Those who never want to toil cannot make it better in USA. What makes this, US of A  a great nation? Industriousness of the people, established systems that translate as opportunities and belief of the people in possibilities if they apply themselves. A patriotic pride is not far behind.

What works? If America ensures that an individual has opportunities to pursue possibilities and by extension benefits her or his community, then that is what works. There are various skills needed for one to navigate through life. Life has milestones and commodities that need to be addressed if one is to lead a quality fruitful life. Education, family, relations, health, diet, empowerment, fulfillment and ability to engage in activities are some of the crucial executions that are immediately evident. USA, is one of the countries ranking high in ensuring its populace is provided opportunities to pursue a quality fruitful life. It is the reason why all forms commerce, infrastructure and investment in human and non-human resource are made.  The basic criteria that make up what works for America are summarized in enduring systems and infrastructures that in turn are opportunities for people or individuals to see possibilities and achievements. A country that invests in mechanisms to ensure, sustain, improve, prolong and reduce suffering of its population will go a long way in providing contexts for quality life. Whereas the two contexts; possibilities and opportunities are two sides of the coin, they are in turn influenced by needs, wants and situations humans may find themselves in. Needs and wants reflect the multitude composition of Americans (both citizens and non-citizens but living in America). In America certain basic needs are met through standardized service provision mechanisms. Such services like: health, dental, education, literacy, restitution, conflict resolution, representation, enterprising opportunities, civic activities and security in the basic or tailored state are at a very high level in America compared to most other countries that are not in the first world. The level of choices presented before an American or a person living in America is immense. This is what differentiates America. Sustenance in America is provided with knowledge to make informed choices. Life is made easier with possibilities for one to weigh their situation, engage in basic problem-analysis and solving, know their way around service provision and engage in accessing opportunities to improve on themselves, families and communities eventually. Empower the individual and in turn you are empowering a community and nation eventually. That is the dividend.

When it comes to critical numbers be it in opportunities (translated as security, jobs and infrastructural investments), value and quality of life, US of A holds a candle.