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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Positive Performance At One's Work Place

The following is what one should do well in order to get a positive performance review. They are both soft and hard skills and these include: a balanced attitude, communicating in order to seek clarification and further direction, adaptability,   team work,  punctuality,  following instructions, having the right knowledge and set of skills and willingness to learn new things. If one were to find work in a different field from which they trained in, one should have an open mind to go through a phase of training or probation. Most jobs deal with people. People to people skills in one trade can be transferred to another. For example, an engineer can switch jobs and work well in a social services job such as linking people to housing. The former engineer turned social worker can communicate with clients and be able to inform them of requirements needed to get a house. The engineer can even talk about the advantages of housing or shelter. This adaptability or flexibility has helped improve on numbers getting into the entrepreneurship fields as well.

A balanced attitude has always been something that many mentors would advise. A balanced attitude is the disposition one has to follow the routine, daily and rigid activities of the job. It is also the ability to take instructions without feeling debased. The unspoken word, the treatment one gives to others, as well as showing desire and interest in what one does. This can motivate other workers as well. There are so many advantages arising from a balanced attitude e.g., easily making friends, so many people develop a genuine interest in you, and genuine interest that goes both ways.

Having the right knowledge and set of skills continues to present one with the ability to finish tasks on time. At the work place, this continues to be a very important asset. However, without a balanced attitude and transferability of skills it may be as useless as salt that has lost its saltiness.

These things could adversely affect one’s review processes and they include a lack of balanced attitude,  inability to communicate, lack of adaptability,  not engaging in efforts to build team spirit, not being punctual, not following instructions, lack of right knowledge and set of skills to do the job, and lack of desire to learn new things.
The three negative things that people do at work are: not following instructions, late coming, and lack of desire to learn new things. Instructions are the routinely required bricks of work. They may be in the form of daily activities or the very job descriptions. When instructions are not followed, the outcomes may be different and not related to the kind of results one is desires. The second negative thing is late coming and it affects the way one prepares for work. It may mean not meeting deadlines. Disinterestedness is a negative thing that one should avoid. It makes one have a negative disposition about work, staff and clients. It affects morale and in the end, one may end up losing the job.

A positive performance will be achieved if one followed step 1 and avoided what has been highlighted in step 2.