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Friday, 29 March 2013

Star Spangled banner in spring; poem by Thomas Rogers Muyunga Mukasa

This balmy spring,

Once again a welcome moment,

swans swimming in the pond,

the woodpecker bang, bang, bang.


An occasional clear sky,

The sun a fiery globe,

A puddle here and there,

The snow giving up its horde.


The banner on a lofty perch,

Spread fully by a blowing wind,

Dotted glimming glint,

Of random stars and stripes.

What goes around comes around

One day 10 years ago, in 2002. I was walking along Lake Victoria shores on Ssese Island. I was undecided over what form of transport would take me from this island back to the main land. As I was walking and conversing with the local fisher men, I realized someone was calling me by my pet-name. This name was known by very few people, among whom must be those who saw me grow up to 7 years when it was no longer used because I had then grown permanent teeth! The person who was calling me was the leader of the fishing community and up to today it is still amazing how he was able to recognize me after so many years. My father gave him some money back then to start a business of ferrying people by boats on a very different shore of Lake Victoria. He became so successful in the 30 years or so he has been in business. He now traverses Lake Victoria as he supervises his fleets of small boats and fish businesses. He eventually helped me get a ride in one of the boats that was returning to the main land.

College admits 2,029 | Harvard Gazette

College admits 2,029 | Harvard Gazette

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Thomas Rogers Muyunga Mukasa shares; In Jerusalem, Come see a King!

The donkey bearing my Lord!
A reminder for the jubilant crowd,
Of an ancient prophecy coming around,
Behold a King lowly and not proud,
In Jerusalem today He will be found.

Up the magnificent city,
Perched high up and lofty,
My King majestic and mighty,
Reigns over all principality,
I am bestowed with sanctity.

Forever with palm fronds,
Our King we cheer in throngs,
With harp, lyre, cymbal and drums,
He lovingly distributed His shares,
We all have a claim of Jerusalem.

(C) Muyunga-Mukasa