Essays, poems and Stories of an African-American

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The 10 basic charitable acts and good practices that can make adjusting to American society/community possible:

1.       Meshing with your hosts: at all times show courtesy to your hosts
2.       Appreciating and finding what you can do: After studying your environment get something to do in order to earn respect, money and continued positive regard.
3.       The kitchen practices: Wash utensils, prepare meals for all, store food that is not warm in the fridge. Clean kitchen area at any opportunity. Use the food wrapper sparingly if you are to use microwave as this avoids heated food spilling all over the insides of the microwave.
4.       The bath/wash-room practices: use the bath/wash-room knowing that others will also use it and after clean it. In case you are using a public laundry ensure you have coins ready as most machines do take coins. WAIT UNTIL YOUR CLOTHES ARE READY AND THEN PICK THEM TO LEAVE ROOM FOR OTHERS.
5.       Throwing away garbage/waste: Garbage or waste is thrown in baskets with polythene-bag insertions which once full up are tied up at the rim and carried to kips/bins.
6.       Sharing the doors, alleys and lifts: Hold door for others until they have passed through once you are the first to open the door. Walk on the right to leave the left side for those approaching you.
7.       Road discipline/Transport means: Follow all road use instructions to avoid penalties.
8.       Meeting other Americans: America has a multitude of races and people from different countries. Learn something through meeting them or making friends.
9.       Working in the American society: Arrive earlier at work, keep on the job and sign out appropriately.
10.   Sharing your dollars with the team: You may be staying in a place with others. If the arrangement is cash-pooling adhere to it.