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Monday, 29 June 2015

A Positive Attitude begins by understanding one’s surroundings

My Professor told me a positive attitude is one of the greatest assets. She advised that I guard it carefully. Progress and success, whether in the classroom, at home, during recreation, on the job, or at home, are affected largely by it. One’s personality also reveals one’s readiness to assume the responsibilities involved in a job or social contacts. There are categories of responsibilities such as those that are: work-related, parenthood-related, filial-related, social-related, road-user-related, host-related, guest-related, professional-related, conduct-related and individual-related.

At the individual level, one has to examine one’s inner self critically to ensure that no negative tendencies intrude. A martyr complex, feelings of inferiority, making excuse for poor work or too little done, are examples of rationalizing deficiencies. These are negative traits. Other negative traits that drain one of vitality, rob efficiency, and dull one’s brainpower are: depression, tension, irritation, and intolerance. One’s attitude toward one’s fellow classmates or workers, toward supervision, and toward responsibility is as important as one’s attitude about oneself. Great motivators like John Maxwell Company or Key-note speakers talk about this.

Psychologists tell us that attitude is an enduring structure of beliefs that causes us to behave selectively toward physical objects, events, and behavior. Thus, we conclude that a positive mental concept of our ability and worth is extremely important in striving toward a goal. Conversely, it is impossible to progress satisfactorily in work or live a meaningful life if one is filled with negative perceptions.

Perception of yourself is a powerful force that
influences and guides you. If you perceive yourself as becoming a successful typist, you will see yourself as responsible for your progress and you will pinpoint what you do, or fail to do, that causes your success or failure. You will reinforce your attainments and correct your errors. You know that you guide your destiny in typing; and since you perceive that you are competent, you will invest your time, energy, and talents in full measure today so you may reap the benefits of a superior typing tomorrow.

One’s writing methods form one of the most important ways of conveying information. The forms one chooses to convey a message will be judged by the quality of the product, and one’s attitude will be displayed by the output.

Two of the most important aspects of a positive attitude are interest and desire. If one is interested, one will absorb more information from one’s surroundings, and one will become aware of opportunities that further one’s goal. Desire will make one more creative. These attitudes make one search for new opportunities and new approaches to implement ideas. A person with a positive attitude reflects a sense of accomplishment.