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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Living in a Long Term Relation With Technologies

                  Do we realize that we are living a closeted long term relation with our technologies? Is that how you see it?
                 It is easy to rely on oneself to make a list of all "technologies" one uses, but that is until you come across a checklist that has all the  "Home Technology Inventory." It is a surprising list. It is a list I used to check what I use at home, in the bus, in the train, in different buildings like offices or restaurants and our own daily activity spaces. The list was an eye opener. I was abe to place electronic devices, combined devices, cooking devices, locomotive devices ( escalators, elevators ( where I used to come from we call them lifts), automatic doors, smoke sensors and engines. Armed with this check list I realised I was taking so much around me for granted. The immediate 11 technologies I travel with are: my ID card that has all my biometrics; my Credit cards; a modem; two mobile phones; an IPAD; a laptop; digital watch; Transport/Pass Card; Kindle; a combined campus/GPS; and chargers.

               I have used the GPS from 2011 to navigate my way around the cities I have lived in USA. I have increasingly relied on the phone and filled in my contact addresses with emphasis on the Zip-code. This shows am increasingly relying on technologies and creating in myself the tendency to acknowledge technologies in my private spaces. This has enabled me arrive on time, appear professional and improved on my vocabulary. It is a thin line between private and professional as far as technologies go.

               I was surprised when I attempted using a GPS for the first time. My heart was in my throat out of excitement but at the same time trepidation. I re-read my user's manual. I opened my map browser, signed up/registered and a map of the USA was there before me. I do use the GPS a lot so this format was familiar. I followed the instructions as soon as I clicked on San Francisco. That entry window that popped up was user friendly and am sure I used it to the maximum.

               I am sure I have the competency to exert myself and be productive. When it comes to using technologies I have tested myself with the following instructions: 'For many technical issues you can use the Browser test on your Blackboard My Home Page to analyze your computer's settings and make sure they are optimized for the online learning environment e.g., Firefox, GoogleChrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. To test my self, I joined and contributed many blogging sites. I was able to create accounts, upload photos, start a conversation, discussion and ask a question as well as be able to read from others.
I realize that I shall use the computer in a more productive and consistent way. To compare this with a marriage, my output will be the ring to show in this union with the virtual internet based technology.