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Monday, 14 January 2013

Not homosexual, but a bisexual. So What?

I have three friends who are permanent residents in USA but originally from Africa (they always say, who isn’t from Africa when this issue arises. It will be subject for another day!). One is from Nigeria (Ibo) and the two are from Kenya (Luo). They tease me with words having letters ‘L’ and ‘R’ and I tease the Ibo with words having ‘S’ following ‘K’ immediately.  I also tease the Luo with words having letters ‘WH’, ‘CH’ and ‘SH’. The white chested Finch is sitting on a branch by the white fence. I am ordering fish as I take my seat.  Ask whether he had a mask on.  Then they would have the last laugh as I go through: Labrador dogs run faster and leap further as they do the laps.
“The what cested fins is shitting on a brans by the what fench,” says the Luo
“ I am ordering feace as I take my shit,” says the second Luo.
“Axe whether he had a max on,” says the Ibo.
“ Rabrador dogs learn faster and reap further as they do the raps,” says me.
Laughter, laughter and more raucous laughter!

But we have long since improved on our English through enhanced vocal exercises. We laughed about two topics that were hot on our list of conversation. A male neighbour, who having been found with a man in bed by the wife, decided to tell her he was a bisexual. The other topic was about immunization against the threatening influenza (New York and Boston Cities have put out public health emergencies’ alert).

In the first case, the wife was complaining to anyone who would hear, that the husband was a homosexual.  The husband, on his part, was saying, ‘not a homosexual, but bisexual.’ It reminded me of a film called ‘clear and present danger’ starring Harrison Ford where he acted as Jack Ryan. Jack Ryan, as the CIA Deputy Director, advised the President to not distance himself from his friend who was murdered under, rather confounding circumstances. The president’s close friend was murdered over ties to a Colombian drug cartel. Now, that is not what a USA President would be advised to relate to. The Press was linking the President to drug cartels and the polls saw him losing to his Presidential election rivals. The President needed to say he was not a friend of the deceased when asked before TV cameras.  Jack Ryan instead tells the president to face the media and say, ‘No! Not a friend, but a close friend of mine!’ The media were amok, as if possessed, with that headline. That immediately endeared the President to the people and being an election year won him many votes!

The flu shot I got this morning reminds me of this lesson; sincerity and facing the truth in the face helps a lot.  The injection, the poke, the needle or sting should not scare one. Death should! Especially a death that is easily preventable! This is something akin to; ‘health-adjusted life expectancy’ (HALE). There are healthy years one enjoys in USA than in Africa! That is my admission! I always encourage many of my friends to grab the opportunity. Definitely with cash in one hand (if one is not insured). The flu-shot and trouble to find a nearest CVS center could cost $ 45!

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