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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Forge ahead and forgive. What better way!

I listened to this song on a pure moods album III called; Land of Anaka. It is a collaboration by Geoffrey Oryema/Brian Eno. In it they are singing of hope after so much anarchy and destruction. It is a song of hope and courage. It speaks of realized dreams that can come one’s way, when four things occur: change, belief, resolve and starting again. By change we decide to move away from where we are persecuted and stymied in our paths of progress. Because of belief and if we do not cease to believe in ourselves, we can therefore prompt ourselves in seeking a better life. By resolve we are steadfast in our plans. We engage in activities that continue affirming our ideas, creating reality from our dreams. This consistence brings fruits and is part of the discipline paths we take.
 I want to be a very great person. I want to be able to, one day, be able to make change in the world. I have seen poverty in our communities. It is dressed in so many ways. It appears as; a small 12 feet by 20 feet house made of mud with mud floor serving as the home of a family of 7 people. It is also dressed in form of communities extracting sustenance from lands that have been stripped of nutrients and are just brown soils held together as crusts! Poverty is also dressed as a culture of greed, fear and selfishness. Those who have are empowered to take even the little that those who have less can call their own food.  In all these situations there are ways to cause contentedness and security for all. Those with much will have security and those with less will get contentment. I know am going to be part of that agenda. There is no blaming anyone, in this situation we shall start blaming those who are against empowering others to seek contentment and those who will disturb peace and order for others.
I know a little bit about betrayal and pain as a result of having what you thought was the world around, to be shattered by people close to you. I know what it means to live side by side with people who eventually become your inner circle, only to end up realizing they are actually using you as a stepping stone and later abandoned you. I know being in need and knocked on doors of people you thought would help, but only to be shooed away! I do know pain. But, most of all I do know that I am able to overcome all the negative forces and forge on. I know the sweetness of forgiving and avoiding petty-minded persons who tend to look at life in a very narrow way. They usually have lost hope and we tend to be empathetic. We make these kinds of people our friends only to be pulled back by their fears. By the time we realize we had neglected our own issues, most of the time it is regrettable.
In Oryema’s song, I realized I was one of those who had given so much to others and neglected my own dreams and hopes. I now can sit back and listen to music, hear the words and reflect upon them deeply. I can give myself quality time and do in-depth studies in various professional fields. I have re-discovered myself.  If, a long time ago, I thought I was building up something for myself it is now that I see I had not done anything for me. I used to take sorrowful journeys but ended up pained more than they aggrieved. This realization that I have bottomless sources of hope, courage and wisdom gave me a galvanizing companionship and showed me all was not lost. One day I shall be a great person.

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