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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Summer happy go round

The warm and humid weather sent warm and dense air down our lungs. The concrete and glass buildings gave off a glare that hit the eyes and skin with a slightly scalding heat-wave. Most of the people out in the commons of the City Hall were topless or shirtless or putting on something that kept them decent but also kept the sun away in a way. There were very few people in the library and the air-conditioning gave a cool air. Yesterday between 12 noon and 4 pm around the smoke-break lounge there were around 20 smokers and the bicycle rack had over 12 bicycles locked firm. Today and at the same time between noon and 4 pm, the library was almost empty but outside people were loitering or resting in shades of many kinds from tree-shades, umbrellas or in-doors. I was seeing summer (it is my second in the USA, but not my first summer outside Africa. I came to USA at the tail end of last summer as well). This far north from the Equator and in a society that has seen and documented the different weather changes, I kept on wondering how this would play out in an African setting. I know that here, in the ‘west’ a season is given a name basing on three or four factors: the sun; wind; condition of ground and; reaction of this to the people’s social interactions. In Africa, most especially my own culture the seasons are named by what is produced and what cannot be produced. The crops or vegetation are the major factors that influence the naming of a season. I most certainly believe summer would be given a name with a literal meaning of ‘non-will-not-show-their-bare-teeth’ or ‘the laughter-signs-on-the –cheeks', given the fact that spring is also harvest time for some crops or 'kick-the-bed-covers-off ' given the discomforting heat at night.  Harvest time brings laughter but the promising and permanent warmth of the sun brings permanent smiles. Or because there are now more flying insects that are a nuisance around the eyes and ears, they could have such a name: 'restless-arm,' given the fact that one is always waving away the winged ones.  Anyway, summer has shown off its early days now. Today is one of those very first days that announce summer is here. I am so happy and look at this as a rite of passage for me. I have been here; I have seen it and live it one day at a time.

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