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Friday, 12 July 2013

The America of my dreams and the Reality America

Animals in the residential homes:

I know of homes in Uganda where pigs, cats, chicken, ducks and rabbits sleep where humans are sleeping. This is discouraged by public health and the solution is to have a separate house for them. In America, I visited a friend whose attic is occupied by pythons. Another of my friends lives with her cats and dogs which sleep in her bed or anywhere, even on the dining table. The animals eat from the same plate!


The minimum wage, opportunities for engaging in a form of productive work are numerous and the industry is in need of workers. So, here I was thinking that as soon as I get to America I would walk to any work place and get a job! No! Between my dream and reality lay; work authorization and status issues (whether one is a green-card holder, citizen or alien). The industry would not even give me a second glance.

Navigation, assimilation and integration:

I thought it would be easy for one to make friends and get by. Between my dream and reality lay: the physical distance between a location where a need could be addressed; the differences in priorities that all humans have unless they have planned things through and; the exotic social/infra- structural systems.

One answer and many questions:

Once one sets foot in America all the ideas one had earlier evaporate and the questions start being posed by the mind in quick succession. In a country that Lincoln referred to as the ‘last best hope of Earth’ one realises the call to engage in efforts to improve on life, community and country. There is no relaxing, there is no giving in.

Economy and solid companies:

America is the magical and economical Aladdin’s land! The reality is that business, social and military might has had some hiccups in America as a result of one arm not performing well. I had to go through a book by Jim Collins from Good to Great, to know some of the five insidious problems that bring about crashes and recessions.

Reality and hubris born of having come to America:

All form of change will begin with changing my attitude towards earning respect, the dollar and reputation. The hubris of having come to America that my people may have is not enough and it should not get to my head!

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