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Friday, 2 August 2013

Like we cannot do without the apps in our mobile units so should our values be in our individual lives.

Saudi, Mike and Alex are preachers of the Bible and talk about the love of God and Jesus Christ in such a way one is left thinking they met God or Jesus from the day they were born.
‘Take up Jesus as your personal savior’ says Alex a 19 year old High School student. ‘Jesus loves you’ adds Saudi a 20 year old lad from Virginia. It appears they rehearsed their parts.  Hands in pockets, they continue talking about how Jesus loves me after I asked how that was possible. ‘He loves us so much He gave His Son to atone our sins.’ Now that got my little theology alerts going! ‘Jesus loves me so much He gave up His son to atone for my sins?’ I asked incredulously. Alex did not see the reason for my question and I corrected him. I even threw in a quote. John 3:16. Alex soon realized his mix up. Saudi took over. ‘We have a card here, come to Grafton and pray with us’ he invited. ‘Grafton is like 3 train stops away.’ I replied. ‘Oh, yes, but many people from Grafton come to Worcester every day’ opined Alex. Meaning it would be easier for me. Saudi later told me I should call the number on the card and a van would come, take me to Grafton for prayers and back to Worcester.

‘Why do you preach Jesus and not love?’ I asked. ‘You came here after you talked to those other people on that other bench and you have not even greeted me, but you straight away said: “Jesus loves you”’ I challenged Alex. I gave my name and asked theirs too. I asked them where they came from and that is how I got to know they were from a Pentecostal Church in Grafton run by Pastor Mike who is the uncle to Saudi and a benefactor to Alex. Saudi’s family is from Virginia and he had come to visit the uncle and not one to sit at home doing nothing, he escorted uncle Mike on a Worcester bound evangelization drive. That created an air of confidence on all our part and the hands were out of the pockets by now. There was dignity between all of us and we all assumed a respectful stance. Alex and Saudi sat next to me and we continued to converse. I told them of when I used to care for bed-ridden persons who were left for dead but nursed them back to life. I told them then I was doing more of Jesus’ work than preaching of love. We agreed that in USA we need more actions of love than mere words. That way Jesus is more manifest in our midst. Alex shared his experience of helping a near drug addict young person get back to a drug-free life. This was after I shared with them on how I helped 3 homeless persons who used to sleep on the park benches to access food, clothes and a warm place. I encouraged them to do more acts of love but also preach the word. Before we all went our separate ways we listed and compared apps in our mobile units and values that humans needed to live as one, happily and fruitfully.

Apps, circuitry and digital ware are to computers and mobile appliances what values are to humans. The ability for humans to interact, communicate, judge, make improvements on life and record experiences in turn depends on several values. Values are those innate non-tangible treasures such as:  livableness, respect, empowering, forgiving, regard, responsibility, dependability, patience, discretion, fair conduct, mindfulness, good-will, obedience, tolerance, dutifulness, consistency, restorer and uphold dignity.

This improves on one’s utility, utilitarian-ship, function, functionality and self-discovery. In knowing these inherent values we are forced to admire the fact that they actually lie in other people too. That should be the reason why all humans should be of good-will to each other. This is what helps us overcome challenges and mishaps. In preaching the word of GOD we all need to also practice acts of love. Acts of love spring from our innate values.

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