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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Negotiating life; the critical shock

We are born out of love. We are made when two gametes form one. In biology this is a zygote. But things are not as simple as that. There are zillions of interactions at bio-chemical and gaseous levels. We should not take the cosmic influence for granted. It has a hand in what or who we are. My friend asked me the other day. Are we who and what we are out of chance? Is it a predetermined sequence? Why do we find some bereft of necessities and others satiate? When we seem comfortable, what tips the balance and we fall into depravity? When we are so careful, what causes depravity to befall us? Why is it that there are those who are immune to deprivation? The basic human needs are around: shelter, liberty, food, life, security, happiness and its pursuit, care, medical treatment and dignity. Why is it that there are those who have systems that deliberately deprive others of this but continue entrenching selfishness? When the tables turn, should these be dealt in the same coin? Or should there be mechanisms to never allow any form of abuses? How many and who are involved in ensuring there are enduring mechanisms to stop abuses? These and more will constitute the topics I write about. Generating a bigger number of readership and hence influencing a bigger number to think things through.

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  1. Thanks Dr Muyunga, it brings me to a simple question; that what would the world look like if every body can think like this?..........indeed we would have most of the challanges we are struggling with reduced more.

    God bless you as you continue to think positive.