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Friday, 24 February 2017

"Lesbianism" and its treatment in Uganda; a Pastor's Healing Power

This was the scenario that prompted the writing of this blog: Prophet Kakande healed a lesbian, who on renouncing her ways also confirmed the prophet's revelation in which he named all of her accomplices. Yes, this happened in Uganda. Pastor Kakande will soon have people flocking to his church for healing. Uganda has got a pastor who heals by touching or prayer. The pastor drives out homosexuality like Jesus drove demons out of people. The man of God will have his hands full. But, for a man of his caliber there is a Holy Spirit to run to. Right?

Pastor Kakande Samuel, a renowned Prophet in Uganda, is part of the religious who have used spiritual avenues to create comprehensive development for all people. In the case of his flock he guides them to share in the: opportunity to see a man whose thoughts are in line with God’s Word; sharing the refreshing God’s Word and Spirit to renew the strength of his followers. His outcome goals are hearts and minds filled with God's Word, who are able to talk, think, and act as beneficiaries of the Word. He is a staunch believer in renewal and submission to God’s Word and authority.

The Prophet Samuel Kakande of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Uganda has led his followers since late 1980’s. Those who go to his church say, he is a committed, prayerful and full of wisdom. He is a man with gifts and success to show. What many see about Prophet Kakande are three gifts namely of: prophecy, healing and loyalty. This has been the basis for his popularity in Uganda and internationally.

In a continent where social and support infrastructure run by religious or Faith-Based Organizations make up a sizable percentage it is no wonder that the religious have become important. The ones who are well established, wealthy and can provide opportunities for people to socialize and affirm their support mechanisms are symbols in those communities. 

Pastor Kakande’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Uganda has been in existence for over 3 decades. It is a spiritual, healing and development pilgrimage centre for many. Many miracles have been said to occur at the synagogue among them is the healing of homosexuality. It is no surprise that this place will draw bigger numbers. As we continue to face the issues that assail us in the present world, the work of the religious will no doubt have so much impact on the direction of spirituality and comprehensive development of people.

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