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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Bananas, oranges, apples-boa recipe! Thomas Rogers Muyunga Mukasa learning the American ways.

Not the boa constrictor, no! but a combination of a fruit cocktail that tastes and goes down well for many people. In case one did not know it, the three are readily available and cheaper to purchase. They grow almost in all parts of the world. The three are easily shipped to remote places where they are not grown because of climate.

You want a heavy breakfast? Do not miss a bowl of the three; one banana, one apple and an orange ( most probably a tangarine). Cut the apple into very small pieces, the size of a thumb-nail ( no joking! Well, atleast the size one can bite into). Place them into a bowl. Peel the tangarine and split it until all the small pieces are in the bowl, as small single fruits. Mix the apple with apples. Then peel the banana and cut it into small pieces into the bowl with the apples and oranges. The mixture now is made up of bananas, oranges and apples. With a small soup spoon scoop and enjoy while at the same time you munch through your other breakfast meal.

That would go down well after a three hour activity of cleaning, shoving, picking up garbage and dusting a room the size of a small church. That was how I spent the first half of this Saturday in New England. How did this place get to be called New England? Thanks +New England Revolution  I managed to get to know some history to this very important region in the world. Which brings me to another point. A friendly Professor from Washington University gave me a piece of advice: 'In America, get to learn how they teach their children to study in school. Even if it means to begin again!' Scrupulous approach to living and leading a life in USA.

Imagine this: Shakespeare's Macbeth, Tempest, Julius Ceaser, The Merchant of Venice.....James Joyce's Dubliners... Jane Austen' Persuasion..T.S Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral... Marx/Engel's The Communist Manifesto and Locke's First and Second Treatise of Government..Laqueur's Making SEX...Lummis' Radical Democracy....Young's Throwing like a girl and other essays in feminist philosophy and Social theory. Then science, Amercan history and Mathematics. That means not sleeping, frequenting the library and looking ahead! The alternative? Look for a familiar community, get into any job. Labour diligently, live and share a small apartment, sleep in rounds, pool rent/utilities, share a car and contribute towards fuel/maitenance and wait until a miracle to citizenship! Rational and not as tiresome! Am off to reading! Read and lead!

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