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Friday, 11 January 2013

Role of Community leaders in influencing health-care attendances

Thanks to +Lionel Green and +WGBH Archives two popular Massachusetts FM radios. The influenzea virus that is said to cause flu among people has got a vaccine against it. People were skeptical in getting the shot. But, with the Mayor of Boston rallying behind the call many people are showing up at clinics for the free shots. One female private practitioner doctor had over 20 children vaccinated within 1 hour of opening up her clinic. This remeinded me of one African Kingdom called Buganda. There, the King was involved in child vaccination campaigns and the target was reached within very few days. The people had earlier failed to turn bring their children for vaccination. Now, there is a lesson! If only tolerance activities were taken up by leaders too, society would critically think before engaging in grotesque abuses of those less fortunate. For more information on Buganda Kingdom one can visit +charles-peter mayiga !

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