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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thomas Rogers Muyunga Mukasa is a community educator and trainer of community based peer counsellors and educators


You are passionate, like I am, about HIV.  You may be employed in a health-related Service Sector or your organisation-planned services (say, providing protective consumables, literature, attending meetings).

What did you as a leader do to address the needs and gaps in terms of interventions? What changes do you notice?

The International AIDS Society would be interested to see stories of resilience, negotiating life and interventions. This is an opportunity and will occur during the next 7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogens, Treatment and Prevention due in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 30th June-03 July 2013. Check:

1. How many people have you been reaching? How have your own efforts brought about change in persons demanding/attendances in your services?
2. What are their age groups?
3. What are the different demands by age, sex country of origin?
3a. What are the demands for those PLHIV?
4. How has the availability of ARVs helped them to continue in their daily life?
4a.How has your not being around affected adherence?
5. What constitutes the daily life activities of PLHIV?
5 a. What constitutes the sum of your organisation’s activities targeting your beneficiaries?
6. How regularly do they meet?

Try to compile something along that and then an abstract can be developed out of this.

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