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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Reverend Dr. Thomas Rogers Muyunga Mukasa shares: There lies GOD

In the small, big and larger than life actions, thoughts, gestures, intentions and re-fills, there lies a God. I do believe God is the manifestation that fulfils a spirit, cause it to have fire, make one fill so enlightened and encourage one to have a heightened self-awareness. That self-awareness that borders on clairvoyance is what in our life makes us co-Gods (co-beneficiaries of the Divine mission).
It is what makes us provide a timely intervention to one in need. It is what makes us accept a loss of a loved one and say God has called them. It is the conduct through which we look at death, not as selfish people but as willingly sharing in a fulfilling life with others. It is also what makes us say a prayer in a manner that calls for attention and answer. The ride one gets to a meeting called abruptly and the participants who give ear to the needs of others; the same participants who commit to do something by way of intervention.
Most times we are down-cast and all we may need to break the chains binding us in these moods is talking to other people. Listen to their stories and give a word of advice here and there. This reflects back to us and gets us thinking towards our own issues too. Sub-consciously we may be dealing with our own un-resolved issues and in talking and solving other’s issues we may actually be solving our own. That epiphany, that realization that we already have the key to our own problems is an act that I say is God-like. In giving to others we actually give to ourselves too.
I usually take long walks and in the process do contemplate my life. The abundant air I breathe, the promising choices I make and the happiness I feel inside of me every step of the way. Life comes to that point after so many bumps into insecurity and lack of productivity. There can never be slipping back to a blasé of incompetence, low self-esteem, low confidence and mistrust. This tendency is what a God-like spirit brings about in one.
Well, if one were to ask me if there is a God. Or what my understanding of God is, this is exactly what I am ready to repeat. God is a presence, action, space, epiphany, clairvoyance, the drive and engine in so many things around us.

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