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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Thomas Rogers Muyunga Mukasa on the most important of questions for new immigrants to USA!

One day, all animals and birds were called to a meeting to decide the fate of the world. In this legend it is said all animals and birds gathered to present the most important question in order to keep living. Short of that they were warned of destruction! They had to present it before the ‘restorer’ who lived beyond the waters between the skies and the mountains. All animals and birds had to take the journey, without sparing any one, and present themselves before the restorer.

Meanwhile they had to confer with each other and decide which question it was. At the same time they had to decide on how to move through thick jungle, over water and into the high mountains between the skies. This presented hurdles but they did overcome all and realized the big question actually consisted of smaller questions.

This is the same with life. At any one given time, where you are influences the needs that rise up to be addressed. This is what makes up one’s context. In understanding the context, one needs to gain a certain amount of sophistication.

Be it in the city, rural setting or a different country. As a person newly settled in a new country, one needs to acknowledge the fact of having given up a settled life’s pattern. This pattern could have ensured sustenance but at the same time was cause for emigrating. One needs to embrace new lifestyles in a host country.

When it comes to work in order to earn a livelihood, there could be complications ranging from issues of documentation, legal status, skills and expectations to meet. The expectations may be; money, a change of clothes, a warm home in time of winter to having access to persons who can link one with the host community.

Even in a dire situation when there is need for money, one needs to also perform activities not with an expectation for monetary reward but a fulfilment in having done another person a good turn. The concept of voluntary work needs to be well embraced as a value that is held in high regard in many communities.

A good knowledge of skills that enable one navigate one’s host environment is a very pivotal point in one’s life. It helps in knowledge of destinations, venues, locations and where to get accessories. It also helps in providing timely attendance and commitments. This in turn improves on one’s awareness, dignity and respect.

Like the animals in the jungle who discovered that a big question has smaller questions, so should humans understand that thinking through issues is helpful and enables one address needs.

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