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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Grateful for Life and grateful to be in USA

I am an African, recently moved to USA. I know I save money by making sure I continue meeting my scheduled medical check-ups. It is advisable to have atleast one health check a year or once every 12 months.  A medical/health check-up is a thorough physical exam including a variety of tests depending on presented complaint, age, sex and health of a person. A medical check-up has its advantage: it helps find problems before they start; help find problems earlier when the chances for treatment bring early cures; it helps one keep a healthier and longer life.
We all need to schedule appointments for medical check-ups. The following areas are opportunities for us to know about our bodies:
1.       Breast and Cervical  Cancer Early Detection
2.       Cholesterol
3.       Colorectal Cancer Screening
4.       Diabetes
5.       High Blood Pressure
6.       Immunizations
7.       Oral Health
8.       Prostate Cancer
9.       Skin Cancer
10.   Endocrine-diseases
11.   Cardio-Vascular diseases
12.   Lung
13.   weight check
14.   Ear, Neck and Eyes
15.   Bones
16.   HIV
17.   Viral Hepatitis
18. Neurological illnesses
Do not take things for granted. Schedule a time and tell your employee or people at home about your health check up at the nearest hospital. Make your life count by going for these check-ups.

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