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Thursday, 4 April 2013

My friends in need and indeed

I am so glad I did meet these friends.
I like going out to meet people. The other day,I wanted to have my hair done in styles I see in Hollywood movies. I mean, that afro that seems to stand smug straight on the head without a single hair falling out of position. My black hair. I want to grow it longer and may be later do the corn-rows. But, I wonder if that will not make me more like Samson of the Bible.

Where was I? Yes, my friends. The Dominican serves in a neighborhood Mac ( McDonald).I happened to have jogged a mile and wanted to rest because out of nowhere, it had started to snow. I then proceeded to look at the menu but got lost in all that culinary-mouth-wetting names-only Mac knows how to label and coin. This girl comes forward to help me. I asked too talk slowly, that way I could actually comprehend what she was saying. She must have made me as African. We became friends and she taught me how to order for things in a Mac!

The Kenyans remind me of religion. Somehow that is how they factor in my life in USA.
The Nigerians. They showed me the main streets.I became street-wiser!
The Liberian and Ghanaian. They did support in my earlier days in USA. I was made firmer in my resolve to do something, to engage myself in work because of them.
Ugandan Community. I do thank the Ugandan community for being examples of livelihood in USA.
Hang in their.

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