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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Working out for one hour

Okay, you have always had time on your have counted the minutes and they did in fact elapse. Then the moment you were waiting for happened. Have you ever been asked to do those hard squats where you remain mid-way and someone times you? The first few seconds make you feel you are a master! The next you actually feel you are breaking some tendons, ligaments, name it. In moments like these why does time go really slow? You are almost 200 pounds, six feet tall and have an attitude of been there! Get up that pulley. Lift yourself without letting your hands stretch out full. Keep them folded...aha! There! Like that. And so, you go up and down. One , two , three.....Then you stop because you have run out of breathe! Then you are led off to do those crazy press ups designed to punish you. Someone must have had it in for you! You think. Then you are led to the 'burps' platform. You jump up the platform with legs inward, then outward you jump off. You jump off and bend, with your your palms touching the platform and you perform the push-ups. Then you go through the cycle. Ummhh.....say, 20 times will do!! What?????? That is after 5 times! Oh! You are now at the abdominal exercise gear. Harness up, raise legs, breathe out as you bring them down. Do it like 12 times. And do three sets please. "Can the trainer, disappear off the face of the earth?" No! He is still around and timing! That was my one hour at the gym this Saturday. I have had to swaet in my life but not this profusely!

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