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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Do it for yourself!

Around you there may be all these voices shouting, cajoling and ridiculing. Some may even be those of your loved ones. Stop and think. You have always done what they want, like and wish. You have never invested in yourself at all. Or, if you have it was again taken by those talking more.

This is your time. Do something good for yourself. Let it be positive and eventually make you lead a life of no regrets and misgivings. Those you are helping now may never be around when you need sugar, salt, a blanket, a coat or transportation to the nearest hospital when you get a heart attack. What eventually saves you is the knowledge you are not a burden to others. Then they may come running to help knowing that you did invest in the attendant support mechanisms. Read about Steve Jobs of the Apple Inc. He says something like this too.

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