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Saturday, 15 June 2013

To work for no money and still be happy

I do enjoy working. What I really mean is I feel a need in me to contribute to the well-being of the community I live in. I do not mind whether that community is so sophisticated. I somehow know all communities have the same/basic needs to meet. Those needs start with shelter, stomach, smiles and sensibilities. I find myself in a situation where I need to be given so much and I need to give much too. I am not driven to do something just because I expect to get money in return.  I do engage in work to also know where I strike the balance. I am capable of many good and productive things. In the USA, where I am a new person there are many other new people who are less skilled in understanding and navigating their way around cities. I call this the urban-literacy and attendant skills and sensibilities (ULASS).

Building communities, making friends and finding sustenance are three skills (a continuing heritage if you may say so) one needs in a newer environment. I shall never go back to live a life I lived in the past but I am to move on in life. I want to be a professional and dedicated scientist. I also want to mentor, to work as a change agent. By change agent, I mean someone who can help many find meaning and possibilities. My niche is dealing with small things and entwining them into bigger things.  There are small steps we need to take to achieve much. We tend (humans) to fear to lose and in the process seek out bigger tasks to accomplish. Therein lies our failure. For in not addressing the small building blocks that make the bigger walls of achievement, we have already failed. In that state we are like a boat moored on the shore. We think we are sailing every time it is buffeted by the waves. In actual fact we are not. We have tied a rope that holds us in one place. Do not give up. Be a formidable and resilient person not because you are straining muscles and sinews but because you are using your grey-matter.

I deal with highlighting the step by step of things. I am happy doing it. I have done and hope to continue to do it without being paid a salary when called upon. I know am living in a country where my time is documented. One day, what am doing today as a volunteer who is going about my business without expecting money (but am happy and fulfilled), will be my passage to understanding needs, engage in problem-sharing and solving sessions. I shall leave this as a very experienced and happy person and move on to a next level. My next job and team will have a person who is sharper, a team-builder and problem-solver. Yahoo!!

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