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Thursday, 5 September 2013

There are systems and sub-systems as one improves on citizenship status

I was talking with new Americans who had just come to USA. The longest stayed had been here for 15 years and the shortest stayed had been here for two years. Between us we analysed what we engaged in outside the usual formal aspects. By formal aspects we meant: work, prayer, good conduct, neighborly behavior, attitude and interaction. Many of us said we were engaged in activities that enable us survive and interact on a daily basis. When put to task to define survival and interaction on a daily basis I had this to share. I chose one day in my life.

The day was a Monday. On that day,I woke up earlier and went to attend early morning service. After, I went back home for breakfast. I later prepared to go to the Public Library. I am researching for material for my four book fiction novel. I intend to be be a writer.

I ride five miles to get to downtown. This I did and got to the Library. I had my bicycle secured (I have had one stolen!) and went to get a place in the quiet zone. I always like the quiet zone simply because it is quiet. This quiet zone is on the last floor with large windows affording a great view of the City.

I was in library going on about my reading and there and got three calls from friends. One was from a female friend who had to deliver two padlocks to me. The female friend is called Ellen. Ellen works with the Lutheran Social Services. Another call was from a gentleman who wanted to meet and we discuss so many things. The gentleman is an adjunct Professor of  Fire systems Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The same University where the Robert Goddard ( the 'moon man'- I got to learn this from the Professor himself) studied.  The third was from another friend who wanted to deliver a gift I had won at a community raffle. I made arrangements with all of them. We decided on time and venues. 

The padlocks were delivered to me at the Library because the person works near by. She did this during her lunch-break. The next gentleman agreed we meet the next day at 9.00 am. We met at a cafe on Pleasant Street road-side. We discussed poems and daily experience narratives captured in story form. We discussed how experiences we face every day make for good topics if one were to think about events. We shared croissants, egg and cheese. The Prof. had a bagel and espresso coffee. I had tea ( African tea). The third friend had to come home. He brought me an air-conditioner, a really big unit. The unit is fit into windows. It is the same one with many we see humming away in house-hold windows as they ran. This friend is called Ken. Ken works as a banker and he introduced me to the idea of becoming a member of a cooperative bank. The bank is in Westborough. This idea is a good one for me and hope to fulfill it.

I do share many stories with my Ghanaian, Liberian and Nigerian friends. They also share theirs with me. We agreed that we needed to also explore other ways to assimilate in USA. We needed for example to join: community clean up events, earth day events, joining and attending community meetings and get to interact with American citizens more.

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