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Monday, 8 September 2014

Ekitiibwa Kya Buganda mu Lungereza ( Buganda Anthem rendered in English)

By The Buganda Unity

Wondrous, beautiful is this land,
Divinely forged with a Mighty Hand,
humanity unified as a band,
Graciously bound by duty,
To own a land rich with bounty,
Buganda glows to infinity,
May I love thee with sincerity,
wondrous, beautiful is this land.

Long in the past,
Buganda stood steadfast,
known far and wide,
this I say with joy and pride.

Courageous and victorious,
were our fore-parents,
their sacrifices, love and pain,
in our march they are not in vain.

We are the duty bearers;
a noble heritage of which as custodians,
ours is to pass on a better
Buganda tomorrow.

My story and song,
however glorious and long,
will be out of rhyme and tune,
unless the Majesty has mention.

Mighty God, Merciful One,
You we beseech,
A mantle of refuge,
save the majesty and Buganda.

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