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Monday, 8 September 2014

The Vowels of subsistence- An analysis of living life in today's independence leaning world

Vowels are those letters that together with consonants give words their force, sound, pronunciation and tone. Vowels give the words life. They are like the air that goes into the lungs. Life has its vowels, so to speak. The pain, the sorrow, the laughter, reward and recognition constitute the vowels of life. In life one seeks to be lively, productive, desires to experience the environment and improve on an individual world view. There are a few tips that we tend to overlook as we go through life. The tips are the life skills we need to negotiate, affirm, engage and tap into life to make it worthwhile. The tips are:

Attitude towards pressures; empowerment to analyze the pressures; independence of mind, soul and body; operational mode to contribute to solutions through linkages and partnerships; and understanding one's context.

Life has its pressures and these manifest in many forms: from where one will get the daily bread; where the next pay check will come from; up to being responsible. In order to enjoy life, one has to have good life preserving practices and responsibility towards oneself and society.

There are life skills that one needs to survive in life. These depend on one's ability to analyze the contexts in which one lives. This is when one gathers survival intelligence and what is needed to pursue a happy life.

Life progresses into ownership of skills, talents and abilities. This enables one to conduct independent conversations, thinking and execute actions whose outcomes are productive and promote sociable attachments. This is the basis of balanced mental health, high spirits and motivation.

It is never the best strategy to work in isolation. In whatever things we do in life, we seek to work as a community. One should endeavour to improve on one's people to people skills. This helps in breaking barriers and gives one confidence to progress in life.

One has to have the ability to note those experiences that range from being beneficial as well as those that caused harm through mistakes. One has to ruminate on what goes on in their conscience. This ability to face one's own flaws and decide to improve on oneself is a good practice. However, it only comes about when there is a will to do self accountability. The will to acknowledge limitations (note that I have said limitations and not limits. The distinction here is narrow I admit but it depends on readiness, resources and creativity). To know one's limitations and one's limits are two different things. The former is executed without factoring in potential, while the latter s executed with the knowledge that there are factors absent otherwise one would have performed even better.

As I conclude, effort, initiative, desire to learn, attitude towards team work, responsibility, self accountability and survival constitute the vowels of life. These are what improve on self esteem, self worth, personality, one's ability to relate and effectiveness.

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