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Thursday, 10 March 2016

On the subject of love!

A very nice coupe gleamed in the light of the morning sun. The green lawn, the rash of winds in the trees as well as a quiet scene only broken by the chirps of birds gave a serene picture of tranquility. I wondered if love is like this. If so, it would be a big word that if left unpacked leads to bumbling attempts at loving by many among the humans.

That very nice car gleaming in the sun, needs a driver and a full tank to be driven around. On that list add, knowledge of driving, understanding of road signs, keeping to one's lane, following a speed limit and an undying desire to be sane and keep sane even while other road users are hooting and raging about a slow traffic.

Love is purposeful; love respects;  love does not ridicule; love looks with a human eye but does not put down others; love is a continuous recreation of events of happiness. Yes, love drains, love is work, love is effort, love is action, love reconciles, love can sit down but in sitting down it rusts. Love is always on the move. Love is both a motivation and an achievement.

A friend of mine who is a doctor of psychology writes and gives talks on motivation. He talks of the seven selves of motivation. These are: autonomy; competence; achievement; identity; integrity; coherence; and potentiality.

This same doctor talks of the six pillars of achievement and these are: purpose; commitment; analytical; persistence; creativity; and accountability.

So, love is both a reflection and caution and like they say: forewarned is forearmed. Approach love with the above action words in mind. As a lover you will remain true to whoever or whatever you truly love.

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