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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Toby Childs as a friend, a mentor and an inspiration to me

One day, after a meeting at Zuckerberg/San Francisco Hospital and Trauma Centre, I received a call from someone who wanted us to meet. We made arrangements, identified the venue and time. Fast forward, we met and introduced each other. We decided to meet at the SF City hall grounds with the city hall as our backdrop. We talked about so many topics that drew us together. I was so happy to meet Toby Childs. Toby shared about his travels, works and future plans. I also shared mine.

I am now happy that one of his points was to work in Tanzania as well as raise money for a school where he was to be stationed. I have followed his blogs and progress. It is amazing that money he raised has gone to do exactly what it was meant to do.

Toby has a blog and in it he writes about his experiences. This is an excerpt in one of those blogs:

It is beautiful to watch the transformation of your donations, changing from dollars into building supplies. In just over one month we will fully finish the construction of both the classrooms as well as the office space. 

This is only the beginning of what James and I plan to accomplish during my 3 months in Tanzania. Now that the construction on the classrooms has begun, we are discussing the next project on our list - purchasing another school bus to provide additional safe transportation for the day students commuting to school from the surrounding towns and villages.

After working at St. Timothy's for 3 weeks - on the expansion, teaching in the classrooms, and with the teachers/admin staff - I am continually impressed by the dedication of not only James and Beatrice, but also the entire faculty and staff. To be able to share with all of you the story of an educational institution making an extraordinary impact here in Tanzania is both an honor and a privilege.

You can follow Toby:

Erecting a wall at St. Timothy's School in Moshi, Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Toby at St. Timothy School with the Founder of the school.

Thank you Toby Childs

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